Paula: The Answer to a Humdrum Day in the Recruiting Office

It was a humdrum day in the recruiting office. The most exciting thing going on for HR recruiter Aaron was that he was trying to put life into an ad for a data entry job – until Paula came in to interview for a position as assistant to the Senior Vice President.

Aaron began asking questions, and everything seemed like it would be your average run-of-the-mill interview. Then he asked one question that changed everything: “I see you’ve been in your current job for only a few months. Why do you want to leave?”

Paula: I know. It’s bad to change jobs so soon, but I feel like it’s not meeting my needs.

Aaron: I’m not sure I understand why you want to change jobs. Is there a problem with your boss?

Paula: No! He’s a great boss.

Aaron: And you said the work is interesting?

Paula: It’s very interesting.

Aaron: Then why do you want to leave?

Paula: Because the building is too small.

paula humdrum day

Aaron: Do you mean you want a larger company?

Paula: No. I mean, a larger building.

Aaron: I don’t understand.

Paula took a deep breath.

“Okay. You see, I have some needs.

When I worked for Mr. Smith, the office was in a five-floor building. There were three partners with Smith and Jones, and the engineering firm on floor five was the nicest team you could want. So you can see, I had no problem.

paula larger building

I was taken care of in the morning, at lunch, and on my three o’clock break. I loved that building.

I would never have left that job if Mr. Smith’s wife hadn’t decided she wanted to come back and run the office.

I knew the building was small when I took this job, but I decided to give it a try. It just doesn’t work for me. As soon as I saw your office building, I knew this is a place where I can be happy!”

Aaron decided Paula was not the right candidate for the job. But he really wished he could have seen her face when she found out the EVP, G.B. Adams, would not be who Paula expected.

August 21, 2018