Life in the Funny Paper

Wouldn’t it be fun to live life in the funny Paper? To be free to be our feistiest selves and be funny saying the things we think? We could even rant about the news without getting boring. And when we came face to face with annoying people, it would be terrific to get the joke on them. That’s the fun of drawing cartoons — that and to let loose my inner snark. 

 Life in the Funny Paper— The Joke’s on Them

Have you ever wished you could get even with those super annoying people — the ones who blast their car horns, or don’t take their turns at four-way stops, or people in restaurants whose inside voices could break glass? It’s frustrating that we can’t do anything. But if we lived in the funny paper, we’d get even every time.

Comic geese angry at guy blowing horn in funny paper

comic geese angry at guy blowing car horn

Comic geese get even with guy blowing car horn - funny paper

Relationships in the Funny Paper

Let’s face it. Even our friends get on our nerves sometimes. When it happens in the comic relationships, our cartoon selves don’t hold back but say what we think.


Who is it in your crowd who drives you crazy — the know-it-all, the whiner (Oh, poor me), the complainer (nothing is ever good enough), or the pessimist (It will never work)? You can’t say what you’d like because this is a friend, and you want friends.

The Old Boar in the Funny Paper

One of the most annoying friends is the conversation hog — or as he is known in my cartoons, the old boar. His problem is he thinks he’s google, and that we need his answers. This expert on everything is way too happy to share it all.  OLD BOAR IS A KNOW IT ALL in the funny paper

Whenever somebody else starts a story, he cuts in, “That reminds me of a great story.” And it’s always a long story — about him. He goes on till you have the urge to scream, “Stop! You’re boring.” But don’t — unless you want to be a hermit. Just smile through. That’s why life is better in the funny paper.

Big mouth in the funny paper

On the other hand — if the cartoon fits… 

But … on the other hand, have you ever recognized yourself in a snarky cartoon? No? Maybe you’re not looking hard enough. Take another look at our friend, the boar. Who is she now?

Marriage in the Funny Paper

Who can be more exasperating than the spouse we love? What does your spouse do that’s maddening? Never listen? Unload on you? Leave the toilet seat up — or down? Snore? Snoring is a big one — Wife imagines pouring water on snoring husbandespecially the snoring that sets off seismometers throughout the county. Imagine the things you’d like to do.

But can you do them in real life? No, so you whine, fight, buy useless snore prevention devices, or move to another room. But in the funny paper, you can go for it.

Life in the funny paper cartoon sheep is pouring water on snoring husband sheep in the funny paper sleeps happily while husband is wide awake - and not snoring

A Romantic Night Out in the Funnies

Romantic surprises are wonderful — unless you end up stuck in an embarrassing (maybe dangerous) situation. Maybe your love didn’t do enough research before she planned an amorous evening in what turned out to be a biker bar. It can turn out funny — in the funny paper.

Life in the funny paper - geese arrive for dinner at chez Canard Lifr in the funny paper - A fine mess you've gotten me in to.

Your Spouse in the Funny Paper 

Is the love of your life brilliant in other ways, but the gullible prey for a sales pitch? So, you come home and find your husband all excited to surprise you — he has taken care of the problem of squirrels nesting in the chimney. Here’s the signed a contract for a solid gold squirrel cap. “The roofer said it’s guaranteed to keep the them out for years. It will pay for itself in the long run.”

Your Inner Snark Loose in the Funny Paper

Are you a secret snark? Do you have to put a gag on the mean comments that might pop out of your mouth — even when they’re really funny and you think they’re deserved. Well, go to the funny paper and come out of the closet. Let your inner snark loose on the infuriating drama queen or king for whom the sky is always falling and every sniffle is cancer.


A Snark with the Cosmetic Surgery Crowd

Don’t you love running across the cosmetic surgery crowd — the ones who went way beyond Botox and a touch-up? We enjoy putting on our judge robes because, of course, we would never let a surgeon carve up our faces like that. “I’m happy with the face God gave me.” (Superiority feels so good.) BUZZARD WITH GREAT SELF IMAGE

We can’t say aloud our witty bon mot, so we whisper behind our hands to another snark, “She looks like she had her face shrink-wrapped. Do you think she had it done on purpose or does the surgeon hate her?”

So many excellent snarks wasted because we’re in real life. In the comics, we’d say right out loud, “Honey, you should never go to a plastic surgeon with a sense of humor.”

Loving Life in the Funny Pages

It’s been fun living life in the funny pages — being our feistiest selves and saying the things we think but know we can’t get away with in real life. We can even rant about the news without getting boring. And we always get the last word with annoying people. My inner snark has enjoyed the ride and will have more to say on this in coming months.

  • Have you been in situations when you had to bite your tongue rather than say what you were thinking?
  • What would the cartoon you say?

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March 4, 2024