Funny Ways to Flop First Dates (Everything Starts with a 1st Date)

Everything starts with a first date — job interviews, meetings with future in-laws, and actual first dates. What happens on that date determines whether there will be a second date.

Have you ever come away from a date thinking you hit a home run, but later learned you hit a pop fly to center or you struck out?

Right after the date, you were on cloud nine. You told a friend,

“We really meshed. I was so comfortable with him. We talked and laughed all through dinner. When we were finished, I said, ‘My feet are killing me. Hope you don’t mind bare feet,’ and I kicked off my shoes and walked out of the restaurant barefoot. People stared but we didn’t care. We laughed about it. It was a great first date.”


No, it wasn’t! Don’t wait for the second date.

What happened? You made one of the cardinal mistakes of first dating —

#1 You got too comfortable.

#2 You focused on yourself and didn’t pay attention to how the other person was reacting.

#3 You blurted out too much information — random, irrelevant, and unsolicited information.

#4 You got too personal.

Imagine you’re out on a first date.

You like her and think you might want a second date. You get comfortable – too comfortable- and suddenly you’re eating off of her plate, oblivious to her expression of yuck!

My friend, Sharon, told me about her too-memorable first date.

His name was Sam. They seemed to have good energy together. Both enjoyed the outdoors and sports.
But then Sam started raving about one of his favorite activities, frog gigging. He told her it was so much fun and they should make a date to frog-gig together.

Romance isn’t the only thing that starts with a first date. EVERYTHING starts with a first date.


Isabella spiced up her first interview with a potential new boss by sharing a juicy, personal detail.

Emma thought she would do a better interview if she made herself comfortable. So, she rearranged the furniture.

On first dates or interviews, too much truth can quash second chances.

Why do you want to work here?

• Why do I want it? It’s something I know I can do for a while before I pursue my career.
• The practical reason–

• I’m a single mother with three children and you are only 15 minutes from my home. I can get home quickly if one of my children needs me.
• Ambition…

• I don’t know what your company does, but I’ll find out if you hire me.
• I didn’t live up to my potential and become a doctor. That’s why I have to settle for a job like this.

Random, irrelevant, and unsolicited information keep first interviews interesting.

• What’s my greatest weakness? I don’t date enough.
• My mother says I was born sloppy. My desk may look disorganized, but I can usually find what I need.
• My old boss said I’m not cut out for sales – uh, this job isn’t sales – is it?
• I don’t walk my dog enough.

Some people make first meetings more fun with complaints and gossip about ex-husbands, lovers, or bosses.

• I was carrying the weight of the real work.

• My boss was always throwing curveballs at me. It was curve ball after curveball.

• Pressure


• I wasn’t working to my potential. I have unlimited potential and it’s being hampered by my managers.
• They give me too much work. I get overwhelmed when there’s too much work. Yesterday, I was so overwhelmed I forgot to sign out.

Why did you leave your past job?

• They were too rigid on their rules. What did it matter if I was five minutes late if I got my job done?
• It’s a long story….When I took the job, they told me I would only be working for one boss, but when another assistant was out sick, they expected me to fill in – and keep supporting Mr. Jones as well. I’m not two people. Did they expect me to work 24 hours a day?

Questions. On first dates or first anything, there are winning questions and losing questions.

The first interview –

• Is there any flexibility in the hours. It took me an hour to get here today and I’m not a morning person.

 The first date –

• How many kids do you want?
• Why are you still single?
• Are you going to eat all of that?


September 18, 2018