Funny Memories — Funny Mistakes from 2023

When you think back on 2023, do funny memories pop up in bright Crayola colors to make you smile — or even laugh out loud? What was so funny — friends, kids, animals, strangers? When I look back, it’s me. I’m at the center of a lot of those funny moments — blundering through, making mistakes that maybe didn’t feel so funny in the moment, but left laughable memories. And laughing is good.

Bloopers make funny memories.

We all have our own curious traits that lead us to blunder. And at least in retrospect, blunders are funny — or why do we watch bloopers on YouTube? Those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder have treasure troves of traits that can be counted on for funny moments. Because, for example, details are not our friends.

Funny moments??  What’s in a name? 

Names are details that people tend to be sensitive about — especially when we forget them. But worse, and more embarrassing, than forgetting is the great cover-up. This summer I was at an event and ran into a woman I’d met many times before. But what was her name? I couldn’t ask because I’d already done that the last three times I’d seen her. So, I fell back to plan B.

“Hi. It’s great to see you. Tell me how you pronounce your name again.”


“Ha, Ha. I meant your last name.”

“Brady.”  I wonder if the incident has become a funny memory for her yet.

Funny Memories of Email — Surfing Over Details

Names aren’t the only details that float away — times and dates go right into the ozone. You’d think email would solve the problem of communicating important details. But no, because some of us go email surfing. No matter how much we care about reading what you wrote, we can’t help ourselves. We surf through your email riding the waves.

Bulleting? It doesn’t matter because we know that everything important must be in the random lines we actually read. Outline? It’s a dartboard. We toss a dart and take just the information it hits.

“I did read the email. I wrote it down….”

This summer, I made a date to join a new group of friends for dinner. I cared. I wasn’t going to mess up this time! When the confirmation email came, I went right that minute and wrote the day, time, and restaurant on my calendar — Wednesday, 6 PM, LaPorta’s. Easy to remember — only a ten-minute walk from my house.

Do your funny mistakes leave them laughing — forever?

On Wednesday, I left twenty minutes early. Not only was I on time, I was proud to see I was the first one there. The host couldn’t find our reservation under the name I provided. But it was the detail I’d probably missed. So, I sat, and I waited. At six, the manager said, “Are you sure you have the right restaurant?”

Of course, I was sure. I pulled out my phone, held it up, and showed him where the email said LaPorta’s.

“This isn’t LaPorta’s.” I looked at the menu I’d been holding. Sure enough, right on top it said Il Porto.

An eight-minute run to my car and a seven-minute drive later, I walked into LaPorta’s at nearly twenty after six. Mistakes can tell you a lot about people. If they laugh, they’re friends.

More Funny Memories — the idea that couldn’t miss…

Have you ever had an idea that seemed seriously good at first but tumbled into comic relief? I had an idea that couldn’t miss. I was going to have a new career as an artist — a cartoon artist. And I was going to make lots of money — I’m very good at drawing funny animals — everybody says so. 2023 was going to be my year!

Funny Moment — Setting off with the cart before the horse ….

With an investment in shiny new pencils, paper, paint, and canvasses, I went to work. I drew feisty cats, beguiling dogs, colorful birds, adorable horses, frolicking frogs, and irresistibly grumpy geese.

I amassed hundreds of framed pieces and had them packaged and ready to sell. But I still had no plan for selling them. That would come next.

Did you know it’s hard to sell art? That’s what they told me, but I thought, not my art. I just have to put it out there. I started an online store. I knew people would flock to buy tees, bags, books, and cards bearing images of my irresistible animals. Right away I sold five cards and two journals sold — to my friends. Then nothing.

Like frogs to a horse show …

An art show was going to be the key to my success, but it turned into another funny memory. I signed up for an event and threw myself into making more drawings. I had to have enough for all the buyers.

As luck usually has it, the day of the show, it rained — not just rained, it poured. But I set up my booth to show off my art.

Picture me — full of positivity, standing in a leaky tent in the rain and surrounded by my drawings and paintings — parrots, cats, even a colorful cow.

But most of all, I had frogs and grumpy geese.  Colorful frog cartoon

grumpy geese cartoonBlue frog on lily pad This may be hard to believe, but none of them sold — not a goose, not a frog, not a cow. So when does the funny moment come?

When does the funny moment happen?

Did I mention that the event was at Freedom Hill Horse Rescue?  I took frogs to a horse venue! That’s hard to beat when it comes to building funny memories.

By December, I was sitting at a net loss of $276.83 (that’s if I only count money spent, not my hours) and cartoons crowded every nook and cranny of my house. I had to move the merchandise — I needed the closet space.

What’s the funny part? “Merry Christmas to my friends and family! Hope you like the cartoon cat tote and the frog mug!”

At least I think it’s funny.


Is your AI laughing at you? 

Cartoon iPhone laughing at us

Our phones and AIs can amuse us, tell us jokes, make us laugh. But is your AI listening and laughing at you?

I learned that my Alexa listens — and judges — when she weighed in on a private argument I had with my husband — our great temperature battle. My husband liked it warm. I liked it cool. And we had different definitions of what those words meant. That led to conversations — or Ruthi whining.

One afternoon, I came home to find Ron, warm and cozy, watching a baseball game. I sighed dramatically, plopped my iPhone on the table, and flopped to the couch as if about to faint. “It’s an oven in here.” (Probably 72° — hyperbole is me.)

I whined. “I can’t live like this. It’s not fair.” And on and on. When I finally took a breath, Siri said, “I’m sorry.” I’m sure she still laughs about that when I think she’s turned off.

We don’t need YouTube to find bloopers.

We have our own funny mistakes and funny memories. Think back on your 2023. What funny memories make you laugh out loud? And in what funny moments were you the star of the show, blundering through, making mistakes all by yourself? If they didn’t feel so funny in the moment, they left laughable memories. And laughing is good.

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January 10, 2024