Do you love animals, funny stories, and laughing? So do I.
I'm Ruthi, and this is life[f]unscripted.

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Warning: this blog is written by a person with attention deficit disorder.

I wanted to be a writer and tell funny stories. When I started the blog, I was told I had to focus on one or two topics — like an expert. And I tried. But there are too many weird things in the world that attract my attention. So, my stories break the rules and leap about with the randomness of mind-wandering.

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From drawing funny faces to cartoonist —

I didn’t know I wanted to be a cartoonist. I just liked drawing faces — faces with emotions, opinions, and sass — grins, frowns, smiles, grimaces, smirks. Faces floated through my sketchbooks like Cheshire cats.

It seemed only fair to give them bodies and speech. That’s how my faces became cartoon characters poking fun at the crazy things people do. Suddenly, I was a cartoonist.

Why life[f]unscripted?

Because I thought it was clever at the time. Our lives are filled with change and surprises — fun-scripted. Get it?

It didn’t occur to me that the web wouldn’t like it. When you type in my URL the web corrects you — Lifefunscripted can't be right. Change it to Lifeunscripted. Maybe it's better but it won't take you to my blog. But you're here, so you’ve figured it out.