Do you love animals, funny stories, and laughing? So do I.
I'm Ruthi, and this is life[f]unscripted.

Why life[F]unscripted? 
Because life is unscripted — we don’t have a script so the unexpected is to be expected and that can get funny. That’s what my stories are about — our roads through the unexpected. They can be rocky but when you look for the funny, you may find it hiding in surprising places. Whatever the road, laughing helps us get through.

Animals With Attitude
Laughter is a leading cause of happiness — it's a fact. That’s why I draw animals with attitude — because they're funny — grumpy geese and frolicking frogs, entitled cats and adoring dogs, plus birds and beasts and heavenly horses. Have you ever looked into the eyes of your pet and wondered what he was thinking? Maybe that you are a magical creature. Or maybe that you're irritating but you have the food. 

My Life After Retirement
What's it like? Well, I didn’t like it. So I quit. I started drawing and painting fanciful animals. Suddenly, I'm an artist — with a store I fill with my own cast of characters — colorful, feisty, scrappy, entitled, sweet, and/or adorable animals. And they all have stories.

But now, let's get on with the stories and cartoons. I hope they give you a big horse laugh.